International Children’s Games launches campaign with ex athletes

Rowena Cole - previous ICG athlete

Team Coventry athletes that competed in previous Games around the world between 1999 and 2013 have come forward to be a part of the ‘Where are they now?’ campaign.

Athletes that competed in football, a variety of athletics events including 800m and long jump, swimming and basketball have shared their stories about how they were inspired to take part in the Games and how it made a lasting impact on their lives. 

The campaign aims to inspire the young athletes that will not only be a part of Team Coventry this year, but also athletes from more than 30 countries that will be attending the Games from 11-16 August in Coventry this year. 

The first athlete to have their story shared is Rowena. Rowena still takes part in athletics more than 15 years on. 

Rowena Cole, previous Team Coventry athlete from 2006 and 2007, said: “My sister and I got to see the International Children’s Games firsthand in 2005 when Coventry hosted the Games for the first time. We went to the opening ceremony, saw fellow club athletes compete in the Games and that inspired us to try and do the same. 

“The Games taught me how to prepare for an international competition. The preparation that is needed to perform at the highest level. From travelling abroad for the first time, to competing in a new environment, we made so many great memories and friends. 

“I have been unlucky with injuries, but I am hoping to compete again soon. I still absolutely love athletics and hope to continue to enjoy running for as long as possible. 

“To this year’s Team Coventry; work hard, prepare well, try your best and most importantly enjoy it.” 

Andy Williams, Director of Business, Investment and Culture, Coventry City Council, added: “Every athlete that has come forward so far has told us about the amazing impact the Games made on their lives. Some still apply their sporting discipline to their everyday lives, some have sporting-related careers, and some still compete in sport. It’s safe to say each athlete has fond memories of taking part in the Games.  

“I hope these stories excite and inspire athletes from around the world that will be competing here in Coventry this summer.” 

If you are a previous International Children’s Games athlete and would like to get involved, please complete the online form.  

For further information, please email  

Published: 28th April 2022