Athletes attend Team Coventry selection day in hopes of competing in International Children's Games

ICG Athletics selection event

After two more selection events took place over the weekend, young athletes from around the city will now be selected for both climbing and athletics.

Coventry Godiva Harriers delivered the athletics try-outs at the University of Warwick’s Athletics Track on Sunday, while the University of Warwick’s Sports and Wellness Hub team delivered the climbing selection at their venue across Saturday and Sunday. 

The athletes’ performances for both selection events will now be reviewed and those who make the team will be contacted soon. 

Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, Deputy Leader, Coventry City Council and Chair of International Children's Games Stakeholder Board, said: “I really enjoyed hearing about the athletics and climbing selection events that took place over the weekend.  

“The athletes were brilliant, and it was great to hear that they enjoyed the brilliant facilities at the University of Warwick that will actually be used during the Games. Good luck to all athletes who are waiting to hear the results of the selection event and I look forward to the next one.” 

Cllr John Mutton, Team Coventry Chair, added: “It was fantastic for me to see some of the potential Team Coventry athletes in action over the weekend. It really brings back great memories not only of the International Children’s Games back in 2005 when it was held in Coventry, but from each year we have taken Coventry children to compete.  

“Seeing the young athletes of the city come together to demonstrate their sporting skills is really nice to see. I would like to say well done to all who attended the try-outs and I look forward to seeing who has been selected to be a part of Team Coventry.” 

Danny Kingham, Team Coventry Manager, said: “I can't wait to oversee more Team Coventry sports and bring the teams from each of the seven sports we are competing in as a city during the Games, together. 

“I look forward to showing the young athletes how they will go forward as one big team and support each other through this fantastic event. We look forward to revealing which sport will be calling for athletes to try-out next.” 

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Watch a video of the athletics and climbing selection events on YouTube. 

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ICG athletics track selection event


Pictured: Team Coventry athletics hopefuls with Danny Kingham, Team Coventry Manager, Cllr Mal Mutton, Cllr John Mutton, Team Coventry Chair and Nick Bennett, Team Coventry athletics selection event organiser and Coventry Godiva Harriers Secretary.

ICG climbing selection event


Pictured: Team Coventry climbing hopefuls with Cllr John Mutton, Team Coventry Chair and Cllr Mal Mutton. 

Published: 14th March 2022